With Nikki Cox, it's more than a massage. It's a healing experience!

WDS - Columbia, SC

I received 3 Reconnective Healing Sessions and The Reconnection. It has been a continuing healing process for me. I have had serious thyroid problems since 1990 and my thyroid tests are in the normal range for the first time in many years. I have experienced a new beginning, a more positive attitude, and good things are happening for me. It is a very positive treatment that I would recommend to anyone. Nikki Cox is the very best --- caring, positive, and encouraging.

DPH - Columbia, SC

After going through a very traumatic life change, I received 2 Reconnective Healing sessions from Nikki. It was then that I finally felt peace and strength.

Cathy - Columbia, SC

The best thing to come out of 2 back surgeries was meeting Nikki. Lower back pain use to be a way of life, but when my physical therapist introduced me to Nikki over 6 years ago, everything changed. Her massage therapy techniques, combined with her knowledge and understanding of "where and why" , has truly taught me how to listen to my body. If I'm ever in pain or tweak my back, Nikki immediately calms the discomfort, which reminds me of how lucky I am to have found her.

Dale Ness - Columbia, SC

I have been a client of Nikki's for more than three years. With her gentle ways and strong hands, she has coaxed my body away from a great deal of pain. With five compressed discs, a highly inflamed sciatic nerve and a piriformis muscle as hard as a rock, she had her hands full. She was able to do what doctors had not. I am now pain free. That is, until I do something stupid. Then of course, I call Nikki.

Pat Conrad - Chapin, SC

My physical therapist referred me to Nikki in 2010 to help alleviate chronic muscles spasms due to a hip injury. She immediately became my "go to" for body work. Nikki is genuinely interested in her clients well-being and I could tell when I first walked into her space. She instantly made me feel at ease. She got to know what I was struggling with and took the time to understand what my body had been through. She is intuitive and is able to tailor each massage to what I really need that day. Recently I've had the opportunity to experience The Reconnection with Nikki and it was and continues to be an amazing experience. Seeing her has been a true journey of mental, physical and spiritual healing and I look forward to each visit.

Shelburne - Columbia, SC

I became a client of Nikki's in 2003 when I lived and worked in Columbia. When I retired and moved to Camden, I continued coming to Nikki on a monthly basis because I found her to be so knowledgeable about the structure of my body. She can pinpoint a troubled spot from my description of pain. Not only is she able to heal the body, but she relates our physical needs to the whole person and can, when requested, help on a more emotional level. You never leave without having gotten more than you paid for.

Jo Griffith - Fan of Nikki

I have been a client of Nikki's since 2008. She is a caring professional who creates a calm, peaceful, mellow environment. I look forward to my monthly massage and always feel more relaxed when I leave.

Margie Richardson - Columbia, SC

I was referred to Nikki in 1995 by the neurosurgeon who was treating me for severe neck pain. At about the same time, I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My pain evolved into anxiety and depression.

Nikki was able to break this pain cycle with therapeutic massage, and I have been able to avoid major surgery. I continue to see Nikki intermittently for therapeutic massage on an as needed basis when my pain flares up. I experience a great deal of relief each time.

Ben Campbell - West Columbia, SC

I am pleased to share my enthusiastic recommendation for Nikki Cox and her Transformational Touch Massage. I have been a client of Nikki's for more than a decade. You will not find a more knowledgeable and skilled therapist (miracle worker is a better description). Whatever pain you're experiencing, Nikki can probably fix it. She is absolutely fantastic. Please feel free to tell her I sent you!

Flynn Bowie - Columbia, SC

Nikki provides a healing environment in which she beautifully aligns the body, mind and spirit. She intuitively knows what my body needs to release blocked energy. Regardless of how much discomfort I arrive with, I always leave feeling stress free.

Brenda Lattanzi - Camden, SC

I was referred to Nikki by a physician and have been benefiting from her therapeutic massages for almost four years. She is knowledgeable about body physiology and a super listener. Nikki sincerely cares about her client's well-being.

Jean Cook - Columbia, SC

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“The quality of health in the human body is directly related to the quality of the overall flow of energy in the body.”

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