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When we incarnate into the flesh, we check our “Truth,” our true identity, at the door. This separation from our true identity could be considered the price of admission into this earthly experience. As newborns, infants, toddlers and children, we are totally dependent, yet infinitely wise. We instinctively know that our survival depends on love. We adapt to the needs of our caretaker(s) to ensure that our needs are met. We learn and become “that” person, which we believe we need to be, in order to receive love and approval. We construct our lives based on the illusion of “that” person’s limitations.

I am on a Travel Adventure!

Living in the frequencies of light and information!

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Thank you for exploring this blog.  I am on a travel adventure, exploring the Western portion of North America.  Please check out my travel blog at nikkicoxadventure.com.  I am also a regular blog article contributor on TheReconnection.com website.  I hope you will tune in!

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Nikki Cox - LMT

“The quality of health in the human body is directly related to the quality of the overall flow of energy in the body.”

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